Saturday, November 30, 2019

Citizenship Resources for Native American Heritage Month

VOANews: Native Americans Seek to Raise Awareness of their History

In 1990 then-President George H.W. Bush approved a resolution declaring November "National American Indian Heritage Month," and it's been observed ever since. VOA's Alex Yanevskyy visited the Museum of Natural History in Utah on a day when Native American heritage was being celebrated.

American English at State: Celebrate!

US Citizenship Podcast

VOANews: Voice of America and VOA Learning English 

  • These are recent stories and videos; search for more stories and videos.  
  • After each story or video, try to ask and answer an appropriate USCIS Civics question.

  1. #DearNonNatives: What Native Americans Want Non-Natives To Know
  2. #NotInvisible: Why Are Native American Women Vanishing?
  3. Advocates Seek Justice for Abused Native American Women
  4. All About America Blog: Stunning Photos Capture Native Americans in Early 1900s
  5. American Indian Charter School Wins Approval in Oklahoma
  6. Are Federal Courts Harsher on Native American Offenders?
  7. Art Thrives Among Hunters, Fishers in Northernmost Alaska
  8. Bear Dance | VOA Connect
  9. Becoming a Social Worker
  10. Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day Gains National Approval
  11. Drums of Community Beats for Native-American Grads
  12. Educators Try New Methods to Save American Indian Languages
  13. English Words Borrowed From the Americas
  14. For Native American Clergy Sex Abuse Survivors, Justice is Elusive
  15. Goodbye Pocahontas: Photos Reveal Today’s True Native Americans
  16. Google Honors First Native American Woman Engineer
  17. Lawmakers Propose New Ways to Help Native American Women
  18. Lost Birds: Displaced, Adopted Native Americans Look to Find Their Way Home
  19. Mapping the Missing: Cartographer Plots Disappeared Native Women
  20. Many Native Americans, Citing History, Angry Over Trump Immigration Policy
  21. Massachusetts Tribe Reclaims Language Not Spoken for Six Generations
  22. Mattaponi Tribe's Pow Wow a Time of Celebration & Giving Thanks
  23. Native American Journalists Debate Future of Media in Indian Country
  24. Native American Pow Wows Celebrate Patriotism, Unity
  25. Native American Rodeo: More Than Sport, It’s ‘A Way Out’
  26. Native American Tribe Battles to Keep Land
  27. Native American Two-Spirits Look to Reclaim Lost Heritage
  28. Native Americans Call for Rethinking of Bering Strait Theory
  29. Native Americans No Closer to Learning Fates of Boarding School Ancestors
  30. Native Americans Played Pivotal Role in the First Thanksgiving 
  31. Native Americans Say Law That Protects Children at Risk
  32. Native Americans Seek to Raise Awareness of their History
  33. Native Americans Work to Break Down Barriers to Voting
  34. Navajo Nation Marks 150th Anniversary of Bosque Redondo Treaty
  35. NEH Funds Native American Cultural Projects
  36. New Mexico Democrat Poised to Become First Native American Congresswoman
  37. New Exhibit Examines Native American Imagery in US Culture
  38. Rare Horse Breed Revived for Choctaw Nation
  39. Record Number of Native American Women to Run in 2018 Midterm Polls
  40. Report: US News Media Part of the Problem in Misunderstanding Native Americans
  41. Rise in Hate Crimes Alarms Native American Communities
  42. Separating Myth and Fact About Pocahontas
  43. Squanto: From Slave to Diplomat
  44. The REDress Project Highlights Missing, Murdered Native American Women
  45. This is America: Visiting Sacred Grounds in National Park Monuments
  46. Traditional Samoan Tattoo Ritual
  47. US Rules Descendants of Cherokees' Former Slaves Have Full Tribal Rights
  48. Utah Monument Fight Reflects National Debate
  49. Water, Stone and History in Navajo Land
  50. Whales Revered as Center of Alaska Inupiat Life
  51. Why Aren't More Native Americans Members of the US Congress?
  52. VOA News Videos About Native American Culture and News

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