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Citizenship Resources for Veterans Day

A Citizenship Question in Honor of Veterans Day

A 21-Question "Salute" for Veterans Day based on the USCIS 100qs

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  •  A 21-Question “Salute” for Veterans Day Quiz based on the USCIS 100qs (PDF)

More Veterans Day Resources from uscitizenpod:

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One of my favorite ESL sites: Blog: When They Moved Veterans Day (Then Moved It Back Again)

USCIS Resources for Veterans Day

USArmy/USCIS: Immigrant to citizen: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and U.S. Army work on naturalization By Arwen Consaul, USCISmediaTX, Nov 9, 2016

USCIS: Veterans Week Ceremonies 2016 via Twitter Moments
Congrats to our #newUScitizens that took part in some of our Veterans week celebration ceremonies. 

USCIS: The Beacon: Honoring Service: Veterans Who Became USCIS Employees - Ely Borjal
The following is an interview with Ely Borjal, a veteran and employee at USCIS. Borjal spent 21 years in the United States Navy and attained the rank of chief warrant officer. On May 21, 1996, Borjal joined the legacy Immigration Naturalization Service as an immigration inspector. Over the past 19 years, he has served in numerous capacities, and is currently an adjudications officer in the Citizenship Branch of Field Operations Directorate at USCIS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. 

USCIS: The Beacon: Honoring Service: Veterans Who Became USCIS Employees - Ivan Gutierrez
Ivan Gutierrez is a management and program analyst in the Los Angeles Field Office and a Marine Corps veteran. He is also a naturalized U.S. citizen.

USCIS: The Beacon: Honoring Service: Veterans Who Became USCIS Employees - Vanessa Hansen
If you ask Vanessa Hansen why she joined the Air Force, she'd tell you she felt a need to give back to the country that provided her family with asylum from Nicaragua...Hansen is currently an immigration services officer. When asked what citizenship means to her, she said “honor and family.” Vanessa Hansen is yet another example of a naturalized citizen who chose to sacrifice and serve her new country, both as a solider and a USCIS employee.

USCIS: The Beacon: We Asked Immigrant Veterans: What Did Becoming a U.S. Citizen Mean to You?
This Veterans Day, we asked our colleagues who are both immigrants and veterans what becoming a U.S. citizen meant to them. We received a different answer from each person, but a common theme was service and pride in becoming an American. Check out their responses and photos from past and present.

Thank you #immigrantvet Happy #VeteransDay 

VOANews Blog: Native Americans Fight to Save Language That Helped Win WWII
During World War II, the U.S. military recruited Native American Navajo speakers and, together, they developed a code to send secret information past Japanese and German code-breakers. The code was never broken.

VOA Learning English: America Celebrates Veterans Day (2017)
November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. But because Veterans Day falls on a Saturday this year, Friday, November 10 is a federal holiday.  A “veteran” is anyone who has served in the armed forces. Veterans Day honors the living. A separate holiday, Memorial Day in May, honors those who died in military service. (Read more)

VOANews: Lance P. Sijan Award Recalls Bravery of Vietnam War Air Force Pilot (2017)
Since 1981, the U.S. Air Force has been presenting the Lance P. Sijan Award to individuals who demonstrate the highest qualities of leadership in the Air Force and in their lives. It is one of the most prestigious awards given by the Air Force.It's name honors the bravery  of an Air Force pilot who was shot down in 1967 during the Vietnam War -- Lance P. Sijan. VOA's Nikoleta Ilic has the story on this Veteran's Day holiday.

VOANews: N.Y. Veterans Day Parade to Honor Two WWII Heroes
Two distinguished Americans who made their mark both during and after World War II will be honored at Wednesday's Veterans Day parade in New York. This was the first time acclaimed TV writer Norman Lear, who was B-17 gunner during the war, and educator Roscoe Brown, a fighter pilot who was one of the original Tuskegee Airmen, had met, but not the first time their lives had crossed. VOA’s Bernard Shusman reports.
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VOANews: Military Brides Get Free Wedding Gowns on Veterans Day
On Veterans Day, the United States recognizes its military service members for the personal sacrifices they make to protect the country. And for several years now, some bridal salons have been thanking them in a tangible way -- by giving military brides free wedding gowns. On this Veterans Day, VOA's Adrianna Zhang went to one such salon in Virginia and came back with this report.
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VOANews: US Army Recruits Immigrants, Rewards Them With Citizenship (2009)
The U.S. Army is stepping up efforts to recruit more skilled soldiers by offering immigrants a fast track to U.S. citizenship if they enlist.The move comes as the Pentagon prepares to send several thousand more troops to Afghanistan and with the war in Iraq in its sixth year.

VOA Learning English: Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Become a Force in Politics
Soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are increasingly running for office and winning seats. They include four female veterans. Among them is Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.

And I stand here before you today because my buddies didn’t leave me behind. They literally lifted me up and carried me off the battlefield and saved my life. After everything they did to save me, I really feel that I owe them.”

Happy #VeteransDay from US Citizenship Podcast! 

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