Thursday, February 16, 2017

'A Day Without Immigrants' Promises A National Strike

VOANews: Imagine a Day Without Immigrants in a Country Full of Immigrants
Immigrants in the United States have had a bad rap through a divisive presidential election. Now, with a new administration in the White House, there seems to be real consequences, ranging from travel bans to deportations. But immigrants are fighting back, and on Thursday in Washington, some businesses gladly suffered the loss of a day without their workforce. Arash Arabasadi explains.
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Several restaurants will close Thursday so that immigration activists can emphasize how important foreign-born people are to the U.S. economy. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.

In cities around America, thousands of construction companies, restaurants and other businesses are bracing for "A Day Without Immigrants," a combination boycott/strike that highlights the contributions of immigrants to U.S. business and culture.

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