Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stand Stronger US: Commit to Citizenship

StandStongerUS: Stand for Opportunity

A word from the President of the United States about the Stand Stronger campaign, a national, multilingual public awareness campaign to promote the rights, responsibilities and opportunities among eligible legal permanent residents. The campaign reflects the belief that we are, and have always been a nation of immigrants and a nation that welcomes those fleeing persecution, in addition to underscoring that immigrants and refugees make us stronger when they are able to set down roots, harness their skills, contribute to our economy, and commit to citizenship:

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StandStongerUS: Commit to citizenship
Little by little, you've made America yours. Commit now and become a US citizen today: #StandStrongerUS

StandStongerUS: Comprométete hoy
Fortalece tus raíces y persigue tus sueños. Conviértete en ciudadano americano hoy:

For more info, see

“Stand Stronger” Citizenship Awareness Campaign (Sept 2015)

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