Monday, November 16, 2015

Milpitas Library Citizenship: Fall 2015 Class 9

Representatives from Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network: SIREN will visit the Milpitas Library citizenship class Monday, Nov 16 7:00-8:30. 

SIREN will talk (approx. 7:30-8:30) about the naturalization process. Join us!

11/16/2015 Class Handouts

American History and Integrated Civics Questions (USCIS 100:58-100) for the Naturalization Test
Multiple-choice quiz for USCIS 100:58-100 

Thanksgiving Citizenship Interview 2013 
This interview uses the N-400 pattern while prompting the student to reflect on those who supported them during the immigration and citizenship process.

Citizenship Resources Fall 2015
This is a summary of uscitizenpod's Citizenship Resources page plus local immigrant organizations in the San Jose/Milpitas areaa.
The links in the pdf are "live"--please click the links--they will take you directly to the resource.  Please consider publishing a similar list for your local area. To see the full list of resources, go to uscitizenpod's new Citizenship Resources page, This page is still in process and will be updated continually.  If you have any questions or comments, please email

Milpitas Library Last Class Survey:

For earlier classes, please see our new page: Citizenship @ Your Library and look for Milpitas Library (classes listed according to date).

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