Thursday, February 26, 2015

U.S. Citizenship 25: Vocabulary Part 01

LearningChocolate: U.S. Citizenship 25: Vocabulary Part 01

There are three parts of the USCIS Citizenship interview:

1) English Speaking/Listening: the applicant must orally answer question based on the N-400r Application for Naturalization.

2) Civics Test: the applicant must answer 6 out 10 questions correctly based on the USCIS 100 Civics/History questions.

3) Reading/Writing test: the USCIS officer will give the applicant 1 sentence to read, then will dictate an answer. The applicant must read and write 1 out 3 sentences correctly.

There is no official USCIS list of the reading/writing sentences BUT there is a official vocabulary list.

For more information about the Reading and Writing Vocabulary list for the U.S. Citizenship Test, go to

For more information about naturalization, go to the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center

Study a little bit every day--I know you will be a great American citizen!

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