Sunday, March 9, 2014

Notes from Building and Maintaining a Comprehensive Adult Citizenship Education Program

Notes from Building and Maintaining a Comprehensive Adult Citizenship Education Program Feb 19-20, 2014 USCIS San Francisco District Office

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Excerpt from the pdf about the Revised N-400 on Jan 20

USCIS Revised N-400 Application for Naturalization
Instructions for the N-400

Video;  USCIS Revises Form N-400, Application for Naturalization

USCIS Presentation about the Revised N-400

10:52 AM - Revised #N-400 look at the bottom left. Note "Form  #N-400 09/13/13 N". "N"=No, do not use earlier versions.

10:58 AM - Revised #N-400 : Bar code store info and helps  process the #N-400 more quickly. More forms will be updated. Chk dates

11:05 AM - Revised #N-400 : filing requirements and fees have  not changed. See M-476 03/2012.

11:06 AM - @uscis RETWEET Visit the Citizenship Resource Center, it provides educational tools and  information for Citizenship preparation.

11:06 AM - 20 Feb 2014 • @USCIS RETWEET: Want to know more about the newly revised Form N-400? Learn more here:

11:15 AM - Revised #N-400: Intro

11:22 AM - Revised #N-400 : Note Part 2:12 Exemptions from the English Language Test 50/20, 55/15, 65/20 clearly stated.

11:24 AM - Revised #N-400 : Part 5:1,2,3 Info about Your Parents

11:28 AM - Revised #N-400 :  Part 11:14,15 Questions about perpetrator of violence versus victim of violence. Need clarification

11:32 AM - Revised #N-400 : More Questions about Part  11:16,17,18,19,20,21 about street gangs.

11:34 AM - Revised #N-400 : Part 11:37-46 Military Service and Selective Service.

11:41 AM - Revised #N-400 : Part 11:47-52 like old Part 10H  Attachment to the Constitution. NEW Part 11:53 Renounce Royal Title

11:49 AM - Revised #N-400 : Rumor: You must sing the National Anthem during the interview: FALSE!

11:50 AM - Revised #N-400 : No more than 2 to 3 percent of  applicants fail the #Naturalization interview.

11:53 AM - Revised #N-400: I-912 Fee Waiver should be submitted with the #N-400.

12:00  pm - Revised #N-400: FINISHED!  Coming back in 1 hour for the N-600 Oath Ceremony

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