Saturday, April 17, 2010

Santa Clara County Citizenship and Immigrant Pride Day

Santa Clara County residents are invited to the free Citizenship and Immigrant Pride Day on Saturday, April 17, to receive an initial free screening, assistance with filing fees, an appointment to submit their application, and information on the Census and immigration reform.

There will be free orientation in 14 languages and guidance for the Saving for Citizenship Program, which considerable reduces the cost of naturalization by two thirds.

In San Jose, orientations will be at CET, 701 Vine Street. For information call (408) 534-5215 (408) 534-5215 .

Orientations will also be in Gilroy at Rebekah Children’s Services at 290 I.O.O.F. Ave. Call (408) 914-8337 (408) 914-8337 for more information.

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