Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Citizenship Now, 3rd Edition with DVD and CD

Wow! Look what DHL delivered today:
Citizenship Now, 3rd edition with DVD, CD, and a Teacher's Manual!

I am thrilled to announce the publication of the third edition of Citizenship Now. This edition has not only been updated for the new 100 questions, it also includes a DVD of practice interviews and audio CD of the 100 questions is included with each student edition.

Also available, a Teacher's Manual with lesson plans, handouts, and activities that addresses multiple leaning modalities and fluency levels.

Citizenship Now: A Guide to Naturalization - Student Book with Pass the Interview DVD and Audio CD by Karen Hilgeman, Winifred Ho Roderman, Kristin D. Sherman, Jennifer Wilson Cooper, ISBN 0077202651 / 9780077202651

Citizenship Now: A Guide to Naturalization - Teacher's Edition by Kristin Sherman, ISBN 0077194624 / 9780077194628

Why am I so happy with Citizenship Now? McGraw-Hill gathered a "team of experts"--citizen-students and classroom teachers (me included)--to help improve their textbook. McGraw-Hill listened to us and actually incorporated many of our suggestions.

Thanks to the writers and "experts"--we constantly learned new things about this "old material."

Special thanks to the citizen-students for sharing their poweful stories that inspire their fellow students as well as their teachers.

Kudos to McGraw-Hill, especially Mary P. Sutton the editor, for delivering a fine, fine product: Citizenship Now is a "textbook example" of WE THE PEOPLE.

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