Thursday, June 19, 2008


The highlight of the CASAS Institute (for me) was three workshops led by different officers from the USCIS, with futher comments from CASAS representatives.

Big USCIS News
  • Available now: Scoring Guidelines for the English Portion of the Naturalization Test.
  • In July, the USCIS will be publishing new USCIS 100 Flashcards and supporting Quick Civic Lessons, with supplementary audio CD.
  • Also look for "The Revised Naturalization Test: Teaching Objectives: A Guide for Adult Education Civics and Citzenship Teachers of Immigrants Volume 1" (No document number yet--but downloadable soon).
Big CASAS News
  • CASAS is updating 963/964C US History & Government tests in support of the new USCIS 100 Questions.
  • Teachers: if you have already been teaching the new USCIS 100, contact your CASAS Field Representative about been a pilot site for the revised 963/964 test.
  • Plans are being made to make the revised 963/964C test available as an eTest.

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