Monday, June 30, 2008

Randall's Cyber Listening Lab

Another good listening resource is Randall's Cyber Listening Lab. These short conversations are organized into Beginning, Medium, and Advanced levels and each conversation includes a quiz. Scroll to the bottom of the main page and you will find even more vocabulary activities and quizzes. Here are some conversations keyed to the N-400 (most are Beginning Level).

Before the Interview
Introductions and Small Talk Quiz
Conversation Starters and Small Talk

N-400 Part 1 Name: Tell me about yourself

N-400 Part 2 & 3 Eligibility & Birth: Where are you from?

N-400 Part 4 Addresses & Phone: Phone Message

N-400 Part 5 Physical Appearance: Personal Security

N-400 Part 6 Residence & Job: Job Hunting

N-400 Part 7 Travel: Immigration and Customs

N-400 Part 8 Marital History: Wedding Anniversary

N-400 Part 9 Children: Family Activities

N-400 Part 10 Additonal questions: Traffic Ticket

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