Sunday, June 29, 2008

My students constantly ask me for more listening exercises. In my opnions, is one of most valuable sites on the internet. Checkout the ESLPod's Blog (especially the Life in the United States entries) and ESLPod's English Café, an audio series posted on Wednesday which covers current topics. You can download the mp3s or subscribe to ESLPod's podcasts for free. There are more than 300 ESLPod episodes, but here are a couple keyed to different parts of the N-400.

Before the Interview
ESLPodcast 28 - Small Talk About the Weather
ESLPodcast 44 - Making a Good Impression
ESL Podcast 300 – Arriving for an Appointment
ESLPodcast 94 - Nervous at an Interview I

N-400 Part 1 Name: ESLPodcast 95 - Nervous at an Interview II

N-400 Part 2 & 3 Eligibility& Birth: ESLPodcast 93 - Diversity at Work

N-400 Part 4 Addresses & Phone: ESL Podcast 246 – Understanding Addresses

N-400 Part 5 Physical Appearance: ESL Podcast 169 - Describing People’s Looks

N-400 Part 6 Residence & Job: ESLPodcast 92 - Types of Work

N-400 Part 7 Travel: ESL Podcast 191 – Changing Money

N-400 Part 8 Marital History: ESL Podcast 303 – A Traditional Wedding

N-400 Part 9 Children: ESL Podcast 136 - Having a Baby

N-400 Part 10 Additonal questions
ESL Podcast 364 – Filing Taxes
ESL Podcast 143 - Fighting a Parking Ticket
ESL Podcast 172 - Legal Problems
ESL Podcast 334 – Hiding from the Police
ESL Podcast 367 – Going into the Military

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