Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day and USCitizenPod N-400 Military Wikispace

My church, St Joseph's Cathedral, is located in the heart of downtown San Jose. As I was coming out of church this morning, I looked down the street towards the Plaza de Cesar Chavez. There were two fire trucks on either side of the street with their ladders fully extended skyward. Strung between the ladders was the largest American flag I have ever seen! Wow, it was amazing! Volunteers, city workers, and police were busily preparing the streets for the Veterans Day parade scheduled for later in the day.

I have assembled some podcasts and audio clips related to the N-400 Section 10 Part F (Military) and G (Selective Service) at US CitizenPod N-400 Military Wikispace. The mp3s are appropriate for Veterans Day and Memorial Day. The audio stories from focus on the immigrant contributions to the US Military.

When you say "veteran" or "soldier," the words "grandmother, reservist, and anniversary" usually don't come to mind. Here is a story and video from the SJ Mercury News that shows a different veteran's face:
Capt. Susan Max comes home from Iraq to celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary

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