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    2020 Census and Adult Education Resources
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    • Stayed Tuned 
      • What’s the U.S. CENSUS + Why’s It SO IMPORTANT? (video)
    • TED Talks 
      • Gerrymandering: How drawing jagged lines can impact an election - Christina Greer video  (watch Census.gov video about Apportionment first)
      • Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained - Christina Greer video  (watch Census.gov video about Apportionment first)
      • Why Being Counted is as Important as your Vote | Mara Abrams | TEDxCrossroadsSchool (video)
    • US Citizenship Podcast
      • 2020 Census Playlist (video playlist
      • 07/01/19: A Quick Comparison between the USCIS N-400 and Census 2020 
      • 07/12/19: No Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census BUT....
      • 07/29/19: The 2020 Census: We are counting on YOU to make sure that WE ALL COUNT!  An Interview with Aparna Ramakrishnan from the SMC Census Team (see County of San Mateo Census resources above)
      • 08/07/19: iCount! An Interview with the San Mateo Adult School Census Ambassador Team (see County of San Mateo Census resources above)
    • VOA Learning English
    • VOA News
      • 07/11/19 Trump to Obtain Citizenship Data From Government Agencies video
      • 10/24/19 Most US States Not Giving Driver’s License Data to Washington article
    • VOX: The fractured politics of a browning America (video)
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