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What's up with the Proposed USCIS Naturalization Test Redesign?

uscitizenpod: What's up with the Proposed USCIS Naturalization Test Redesign?

In late September, DHS and USCIS released new resources about the Naturalization Test Redesign.  This prompted updated commentary from VOA News, ILRC, Bill Bliss, and other stakeholders.  In order to address and clarify to redesign process, USCIS will be hosting NIICE: National Immigrant Integration & Citizenship Education Conference, October 18-19, in Washington D.C. Plus resources to contact CONGRESS about the potential Government shutdown.  And a QUICK CITIZENSHIP QUIZ that connects the Constitution, the Fed Code, and Adult Education.

7/19/2023 Naturalization Test Redesign Resources (DHS, USCIS) 

9/19/2023: Citizenship Test Changes Might Require Better English Skills, VOA

“Possible changes to the naturalization interview would make civics questions multiple choice to “reflect current best practices in test design,” USCIS said in a document explaining the update to the test. Schmelzer said that would make the test harder for immigrants who may not have a great understanding of American history or English.” Article includes audio and quiz.  You can watch a sub-titled video of VOA Learning English Podcast for Wednesday September 20, 2023. The Citizenship story starts at 11:08.  Appropriate for intermediate ESL adult learners. 

09/20/2023 USCIS Naturalization Test Redesign – Flaws in Design and Transparency, ILRC

  • ILRC attorneys and guest speaker Bill Bliss gave an overview of the USCIS naturalization test redesign announced in December 2022. Educators of low-literacy adults believe that these changes would make the test significantly more difficult for applicants. This is a free webinar. Click 9/20 USCIS Naturalization Test Redesign; create account; checkout; go to your account to view the recording.      Note: webinar resources include slides (note: slide 31 “Register comments” for email addresses), “English and US History & Government Tests” (from ILRC Naturalization & US Citizenship, and recent articles by Bill Bliss.
  • transcript of Bill Bliss’s interview was posted as Medium: 9/22 USCIS Naturalization Test Redesign — Flaws in Design and Transparency.

10/17/2023 to 10/18/2023 NIICE: National Immigrant Integration & Citizenship Education Conference: THE ROAD TO ACCESS AND INCLUSION, USCIS Headquarters, Camp Springs, MD

  • USCIS, in partnership with the White House Task Force on New Americans (TFNA) and the Interagency Naturalization Working Group (NWG), is bringing together professionals with equities in immigrant integration and citizenship education from both the public and private sectors.
  • The conference is free; however, participants are responsible for transportation and lodging. The conference will take place October 17-18 with optional pre-conference activities on October 16. Virtual and in-person attendance options are available.  Please CAREULLY review the registration info under the NIICE website information and registration tabs. Please refer questions to:

Resources to Contact CONGRESS about the Potential Government Shutdown

uscitizenpod: National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Civics Quiz

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