Thursday, September 7, 2023

US Lawmakers Have 10 Working Days to Keep the Government Open


US lawmakers face a long list of priorities as they return to work this week after their monthlong August recess. With battles looming over U.S. aid to Ukraine and a possible impeachment of President Joe Biden, the top concern remains funding the U.S. government to keep it from shutting down on Oct. 1. VOA’s Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson has more.

Do more:

If you have an opinion on how Congress should make budget:
  • Click Find Your Representative and follow the instructions.
  • Click the Contact Your Representative link.
  • Call or email your Representative.
Hint: keep your message short.  
  • Example: I support full funding for Adult Education.
  • Example; I support comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Example: I support additional funding for USCIS.

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