Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Afghan Evacuees Face Complex Immigration Road in US

A short citizenship interview with "examiner" with Osman Nejat (Kabul, Afghanistan), the Citizenship and GED/HiSET teacher from New Haven Adult School. After the interview, Teacher Osman reflects on being bi-lingual and bi-cultural in America. 

WASHINGTON - The tens of thousands of Afghan refugees who made it to the United States as part of a historic humanitarian evacuation are entering an extraordinary system with very different benefits. Some with Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) are being embraced by the government and granted assistance ranging from help with housing, food and clothing to lining up employment and qualifying for health care. These are mostly the Afghans and their families who worked as interpreters and guides for the U.S. military and government in Afghanistan during the 20-year war. (read more)

USCIS: Afghan Related Information / Operation Allies Welcome 

President Biden has directed the Secretary of Homeland Security to have his department serve as the lead agency coordinating ongoing efforts across the federal government to resettle vulnerable Afghans, including those who worked on behalf of the United States. (read more)

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