Thursday, June 25, 2020

U.S. States, Capitals, Regions & Time Zones - Learn them all!

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JennifererESL: U.S. States, Capitals, Regions and Time Zones - Learn them all!

Dear viewers! Thank you for your patience. 🙏 I had to reload this video to improve the quality of my presentation. I hope I fixed everything I needed to. Please know that the arrows on the map point to the states, but not necessarily the location of each capital city. Also, remember that different dictionaries and textbooks represent sounds with different symbols. You'll note, for example, that I prefer to use /ɚ/ to represent the "er" as a vowel sound, as in "Dover." /ˈdoʊvɚ/ In the end, I think it's more important to trust your ears and listen to my model. Look in the video description for other resources you can use. It's very helpful to hear different models. Train your ears to accept variations.
Most of the variations in state names concern the vowel sounds. We become familiar with a number of variations, so we understand each other. Vowel sounds and word stress are very important. This is why I've begun to promote a pronunciation app called Blue Canoe. I appreciate their methodology, and I've decided to be one of their affiliates. I invite you to use my link to sign up and try this self-study app for free. 👉👉👉👉 Happy studies!🌼🌻

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