Thursday, May 14, 2020

U.S. Citizenship 44, COVID-19 Break, Milpitas Adult School

VOA Learning English: US Supreme Court Decision: Loving v Virginia

  • N-400r Part 12 Overview pptx via Google Slides (Google slides) (30 vocabulary words) 
  • N-400r Part 12 Overview Vocabulary (pdf of Google Slides) (30 vocabulary words) 
  • n-400r-12he   Crime
  • n-400r-12hs    Spanish draft (check back 5/15)
    • NEW!  N-400 Part 12 Quiz Part 3 pdf
    • Mix and Match: USCIS 100 Quiz: Names pdf
    Extra Credit:
    • VOA Learning English: The Supreme Court series
    • Mixed-Race Marriage Illegal in the US Until 1967 article, video, mp3
    • VOA Learning English: What Does the US Supreme Court Say About Guns? article, mp3
    • US Courts: Federal Courts Civics Education and Courtroom Programs playlist
    More Resources
    • U.S. Citizenship Resources for May post
    • U.S. Citizenship Resources for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month post
    • U.S. Citizenship Resources for Ramadan post
    • Muslim American Citizenship Interviews and more! video playlist

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