Saturday, May 23, 2020

Slow Down Videos for Easy Listening

uscitizenpod: Slow Down Videos for Easy Listening

Do you want to watch videos, but the people speak English too fast?

You can slow down the video!

Look at the bottom right corner on a video screen

You see the things:

1. A frame to make the video bigger
2. A box to play the video in a wider window (theater mode)
3. A box to play the video in a small window (mini-player)
3. Settings icon (gear/wheel)
4. CC: Closed Captions (subtitles)

Click the SETTINGS icon (gear/wheel)

You see a black box with 5 things:
1. Autoplay
2. Annotations
3. Playback speed
4. Subtitles
5. Quality

Chose .75 (slow), .50 (slower), .25 (very slow)

Watch the video on a slow speed, and then watch it again on a faster speed.

Don't forget to chance the Playback speed back to NORMAL when you are finish.

Thanks for practicing English listening!

The example video is from

  • TED-ED: The fight for the right to vote in the United States - Nicki Beaman Griffin 

This video was made with Screencastify.

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