Friday, April 24, 2020

U.S. Citizenship 30, COVID-19 Break, Milpitas Adult School

VOA News: Ali Safi: Immigrant's Success Creates Abundant Opportunities for Many Others


  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Esam Omeish pdf 
Extra credit:
  • NEW: VOANews: Different Countries, Different Scenarios, One Goal: Reopening the Economy (video)
  • Crash Course: Market Economy: Crash Course Government and Politics #46 (very fast) video
  • Simple Politics: What is Capitalism? (British accent, fast) video
  • Vocabulary Help: Learn English Words - Capitalism (Vocabulary Video)
  • VOA Learning English: Muslim Refugee Women Get a Taste of Starting a Business (article and audio)
  • VOANews: BanglaTown: Beleaguered Detroit Relying on Immigrants to Revitalize City (video)
  • VOANews: Customers and Store Owners’ Viewpoints of Ramadan Shopping (video)
  • April 23-May 23 Citizenship Resources for Ramadan post

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