Friday, September 20, 2019

2020 Census: What is the Census? (and more)

US Census Bureau on YouTube (many videos)

2020 Census: What is the Census?
The Census has been a cornerstone of our democracy since the first national count in 1790.

2020 Census: The Census in 23 Artifacts
A variety of artifacts from each of the nation's 23 previous decennial censuses.

U.S. Census Bureau Commemorates Constitution Day (event webcast)
As part of a day-long event in Philadelphia, the U.S. Census Bureau will commemorate its Constitutional role to count every person living in the U.S.

Shape Your Future: The 2020 Census (w/Asian Language tags)

Can one girl in a small town, an architect in a major city, and a suburban high school coach shape the future of the United States?

Yes, they can. Because every ten years, the census gives us that power.

You can shape your future by responding to the 2020 Census. Where do we need new roads to make our lives easier? Where will new school programs help our children thrive? Where could a new health clinic benefit neighborhoods?

The 2020 Census will inform these decisions and shape how billions of dollars will be distributed to communities like yours each year. And in 2020, you can respond to the census online, by phone, or by mail. It’s easy, safe and important.

Make sure you and everyone you know is counted. Now is the time for you to get involved – your community needs you. Together, we can educate and excite, inspire and make sure every voice is heard. Together…. we can shape our future.

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