Friday, May 18, 2018

San Diego Citizenship Interview with Teacher Thu Ha Nguyen

uscitizenpod: San Diego Citizenship Interview with Teacher Thu Ha Nguyen

In this interview, I interview Teacher Thu Ha Nguyen about her online citizenship course that she developed for the San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE) which is the adult education division of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD).

This interview was recorded at the San Diego CATESOL Conference where we also recorded five quick citizenship videos with her fellow SDCE citizenship teachers, Mechelle Perrot and Rose-Elena Lopez. The first video is up now in which I, the examiner, doesn't think that Mechelle is ready for the interview because Mechelle doesn't understand one of the first interview questions about eligibility.

Mechelle insists (politely) that she has studied for the English and Civics test and asks the examiner to rephrase the question which has the key word "eligible."

Note: If you do not understand an examiner's question, DO NOT SAY YES OR NO. Request that the examiner to use different words to ask the question.

Check back for the rest of the San Diego citizenship Inteview in the upcoming week.

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