Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 2018 Town Hall with US Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)

April 22, 2018 12:00 to 1:30 PM · Independence High School, San Jose, CA
annotated Tweets posted by @uscitizenpod

Teacher Jennifer says: Here are my annotated tweets from today's town hall meeting with our US Rep Ro Khanna (CA-17).  If you have the opportunity, please attend a Congressional Town Hall.  AWESOME!

12:21 PM Q1: #H4visa holder asks about his future; RK talks about HR392 that will grant Green Cards; Congress must vote on this issue. #dreamers #h1bvisa

12:24 PM Q2: budget cuts; RK supports repeal of tax cuts but not cuts to Medicare, education, and the National Science Foundation which helps the middle class

12:29 PM Q3: balanced budget during Clinton but now budget cuts to support luxuries and foreign wars and deregulation; RK we need to stop/repeal this waste which undermines public trust. #fiscalresponsibilty

12:35 PM Q4 Happy #EarthDay2018   RK reinvest in #CleanEnergy #jobs #tech #AlternativeEnergy #science

12:40 PM Q5 income inequality and increase earning potential; RK costs of tech is falling but wages are stagnant. Increase #middleclass earned income credit and apprenticeships. Dems must have a clear jobs msg

12:47 PM Q6 Husband who lost non-smoking wife to #lungcancer asks why bill is stuck in committee; RK sponsors the bill and will personally follow up (I am tearing up and can’t do justice to this Q/A)

12:55 PM Q7 physician comments on Q6 that companies are profiting off pain and suffering and continues on to say that the DEA is perpetuating the #OpioidEpidemic and harassing prescribing doctors. RK invites further advice/testimony

1:00 PM Q8 war on #opioids and national war on #pot is leading to denial of medication. RK need to take a nuance approach for treatment to prevent addiction

1:02 PM Q9 #ClimateChange . RK concerns about flooding which will affect poor communities

1:10 PM Q10 concern about the #electoralcollege and recent violations of the 12th amendment. Had the #provisionalballots been counted? RK all votes must be counted / elections must be transparent. Ask for further info and will follow up #vote #Election2016

1:14 PM Q11 internet bill of rights. RK tapped to write the #InternetBillOfRights

1:16 PM Q12 what legislation do we need to fight for now?  RK we need to fight for funding and the #Dreamers #DACA

1:18 PM Q13 Paul Ryan’s cuts to social security and ballooning national debt;   RK we need to recover

1:20 PM Q14 concern about #cleanenergy and #fossilfuel industry. RK we must invest in #cleanenergy

1:24 PM Q15 concern about deporting #GreenCard holders who receive public assistance and need for family union;  RK absolutely supports family union and further commented that the #CivilRightsMovement led to the 1965 Immigration Reformed Act

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