Thursday, April 12, 2018

Adult Education Matters Interview Part 1

Teacher Jennifer's note: This evening, we had an Open House at Milpitas Adult School. Many people stopped by and were kind enough to interview our students. We recorded some GREAT INTERVIEW VIDEOS which I am currently editing and will release them in a week or two Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

uscitizenpod: Adult Education Matters Interview 1

An interview with Principal Giuliana Brahim of Milpitas Adult Education.

First, you will hear a simple, 10 question interview twice: once with single words answers, and the second time Principal Giuliana answers the questions in complete sentences. Although the vocabulary and grammar become more difficult, it is important to note that both the short and long answers provide complete information. Remember: the USCIS officer wants the truth and needs complete information.

Then, Principal Giuliana talks about how her life as an immigrant from Peru has informed her profession as an adult educator and administrator. Giuliana describes culture shock when she came to the US and the pain of "casual" racism that she felt when her fellow country men confused her ethnic identity and neglected to acknowledge her cultural heritage.  This led to the heightened awareness and appreciation for the cultural diversity of parents and children in the Milpitas Unified School District.

For our students' convenience, we have taken sound bites from this podcast and posted them to our YouTube channel.

Two Simple Citizenship Interviews with Principal Giuliana

My Immigration and Citizenship Story by Principal Giuliana

I felt like an Immigrant in my own Home Country

We Live in a Diverse Community!

Struggle and Persistence in an Adult Learner's Life

For more interviews, see uscitizenpod's YouTube channel--
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