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February Town Hall with US Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)

February Town Hall with US Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)
Feb 4, 2018 4:00 to 5:30 PM · Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
annotated Tweets posted by @uscitizenpod

Teacher Jennifer says: Here are my annotated tweets from today's town hall meeting with our US Rep Ro Khanna (CA-17).  If you have the opportunity, please attend a Congressional Town Hall.  AWESOME!

Super glad to attend @RoKhanna #TownHall at my alma mater Santa Clara University #GoBroncos

(Boy Scouts parade in with the flag. We stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance)

Do we do we do the #PledgeOfAllegiance in #California? Of course! Why do we cast aspersions on each other's #patriotism? #RoKhanna

We take ideas from all over the world and add these ideas to the #AmericanWay #RoKhanna

Q1 Earned income tax credit--remove the upper age limit of 64 years old. RK: Raise wages--don't. Give tax credits to corps, #RoKhanna

Q2 Dem response #NunesMemo? RK: GOP has forgotten how to be conservative. Dems support US institutions / #lawenforcement #RoKhanna

  • @RoKhanna tweeted Feb 4, 2018 "The Nunes memo is an assault on our founding. Madison said that the “preservation of liberty” requires that the executive and congressional powers be “separate and distinct.” Montesquieu warned that “there can be no liberty where the executive and legislative powers are united.”
  • VIDEO: Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna reacts to GOP memo

Q3. Infrastructure? RK: How has Trump supported infrastructure for his voters? 5G??? #infrastructure is #bipartisan! #RoKhanna.

Q4 #shutdown impacts military, RK: turnnaas. The question to the #DREAMers. WE MUST

Q5 Climate Change? RK: Head of EPA thinks the air is too clean. However the #ClimateChange caucus is growing. Carbon offset. #RoKhanna

  • @RoKhanna tweeted 9:47 AM - 26 Sep 2017 Climate Change isn’t just a moral question but a collective issue for our nation. We need bipartisan efforts to find real solutions now.

Q6 HR2925 Medicare and wigs. RK: He will cosponsor #HR2925 #RoKhanna

Q7 Social Media #FreedomOfSpeech RK: we do't want #fakenews / #hatespeech but we need standards to allow for #dissent #RoKhanna

Q8 Uprising in #Iran #HR188. RK: Will review this res. We support #humanrights but can't use it as an excuse for regime change #RoKhanna

  • @RoKhanna tweeted 1:19 PM - 6 Jan 2018 Iran’s treatment of protesters who are speaking out for a better life is completely unacceptable. Every person has the right to protest, and the government should listen to their demands instead of cracking down on their dissent.

Q8 #H4visa? RK: I support #H4 holders right to work. #RoKhanna

  • Follow @h4visaacurse H4 VISA, A CURSE Advocacy platform to highlight the issues faced by dependents on H4 Visa.

Q9 #education #financialaid for #middlecollege #students. RK: we must support financial relief / #debtfree #AdultEdu #PostHighSchool #edu

Q10 #immigration linked to #innovation. RK: If you have hunger and talent, come to #SiliconValley #chainmigration makes us strong #RoKhanna

Q11 Spiraling national deficit. RK: re prioritize budget items such defense spending. Fiscal prudence. #RoKhanna

Q12 Dodd-Frank Bill? RK: Wrong to save banks while homeowners lose their homes. Dems must. Preserve these reforms #RoKhanna

Q13 Larry Nassar etc? RK: make. #sexualharrassment settlements public and harasser financially responsible. Forum in march. #RoKhanna

Q14 cannabis prosecution and Jeff Sessions? RK move to regulation and normalization. #RoKhanna

Q15 rep from @IndivisibleSF / SV asks about #impeachment. RK we need impartial #Mueller Investigation not polarization. #RoKhanna

Q16 Dems break GOP complicity? Use #shutdown to preserve #democracy RK: support Midterm Dems; DREAMERS; Mueller #RyanShutdown #RoKhanna
GOP leaders’ complicity grows as their members undermine the rule of law

  • @swingleft helps you find and commit to supporting #progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018. #Crooked7 @crookedmedia @PodSaveAmerica #takebackthehouse
  • @RoKhanna tweeted 1:09 PM - 31 Jan 2018 There is only one person who was responsible for the shutdown and that is @SpeakerRyan. 34 Republicans in the House want to vote for DREAMers and most Americans are in support. This should be a no-brainer. If Ryan gave us a vote in the House, this crisis would be over.

Q17 Carbon Offset? RK: we are looking for bipartisan support for the bill

Q18 #SocialSecurity solvency? RK: no cuts! We. Need to get get rid of corporate cap. GOP will target vulnerable programs #RoKhanna

Q19 Repeal of #Obamacare. RK: Young Cancer patient chanting #SHAME from the gallery. We need to heal #polarization. #RoKhanna

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