Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sunnyhills Neighborhood Meeting with US Rep Ro Khanna's Senior Adviser Tarun Galagali


8:18 At Sunnyhills United Methodist Church for a breakfast mtg abt with a rep from

8:26 I am here abt the Sunnyhills housing project conversion to market-rate condos. we're talking abt my students homes

8:35 We introducing ourselves to each other and the rep. Tarun Galagali (who is not introducing himself), It's an informal mtg.
  • CORRECTION: Tarun Galagali was introducing himself NOW. It was an informal neighborhood meeting.
  • Follow Tarun Galagali
8:43 Sunnyhills mtg with rep is now open for qs: Q1 nuclear power subsidies (zero carbon) v. other renewable energy sources. Ro is open
  • CLARIFICATION: Ro is open to continued discussion about energy sources.
Time 8:45 to 9:55

Q1 follow-up. The difference between nuclear energy and nuclear power. To. Is is clear on the difference
  • CORRECTION: Ro "gets" the science difference between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.
Q2 and Q3 abt . He is pro-tennant rights. budget cuts are subject to Congressional approval
no specific answers abt Sunnyhills If we have very specific questions, email ro at
 is talking about Ro's actions on #Obamacare #AffordableCareAct. Response: formation of #NoPACTCaucus money for #bipartisanship. 
rep touches on members support background checks v NRA policy because members acknowledge that some have mental health issues

Ro's rep relates story on Ro's visit to GOP KY re: tech boot camp for former coal-workers. Ro always searches for .

Ro's rep talks about reform, term limits, and
  • READ Ro's statements on Immigration
Ro's rep talks about middle class/lower class wage stagnation. Gains Act (?) EITC Expansion will help the Trump's "forgotten man"
Ro's rep talks abt to get students to participate in civic activism
EITC increased wages for the working poor/middle class v. Trump's tax breaks for upper tax breaks
Ro's rep talks about / v. entrenched / corrupt Democtrats.
public comment abt Example: cash for housing and driving up housing prices OR Water Quality.
Comments abt cash purchases. Response: some immigrants have alt-financial sources. Don't blame immigrants, question the economy
Companies come into other cities, but use Milpitas as leading to rising housing prices / infrastructure costs
comments abt . issues. Immigrant expectations to out-compete but not to risk their
We can agreeably disagree. Seek . Thanks Tarun at
Thanks to the Sunnyhills Methodist Church / Sunnyhills Neighborhood Assoc president Allysson MacDonald for hosting rep

Shout out to mtg attendees especially former mayoral candidates Carmen Montano & Voltaire Montemayor & the reporter
residents: send SAVE SUNNYHILL APARTMENTS letters to the and the City Counselors

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