Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Obama Twitter Town Hall-- In Progress!

Official account for Twitter hosted town halls. Our first on July 6th, 2PM ET.

Sina by townhall
Immigrant entrepreneurs can build companies and create jobs for US workers. Will you support a startup visa program?

The White House
Obama: Working w/ biz, others, on ways to streamline visas so we don't educate people then make them leave to compete against us...
NalImmigration Forum
President Obama responding question and need for reform

NalImmigration Forum
Obama: We need to streamline the visa system to attract best of minds

The White House
Obama: ...For that reason and others, we need immigration reform that is comprehensive

RT : Obama: "we've got an system that's broken right now we've always been a nation of laws & immigrants."

Tweet Watch by americasvoice
Obama: "We need comprehensive reform that includes keeping talented people in the country.

NalImmigration Forum
RT : Obama: We need people who are studying here to stay here and invest in the US and create jobs in the US

Luis V. Gutierrez
From cabdriver to Member of Congress, I've had the opportunity to live the American dream. It's time to revive that dream for all of .

Alexander Nowrasteh by americasvoice
Shouldn't increasing legal take precedence over enforcing laws that make U.S. poorer?

Jake Brewer by americasvoice
Too many people are breaking the law, but the laws also make it too hard to become a citizen - Prez Obama

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