Friday, April 17, 2009

USCitizenPod's Constitution Resources

SPRING CLEANING (04/01-04/15): USCitizenPod will re-post old USCIS 96 questions resources, then re-organize the sidebar. USCIS 100 questions and interview resources will be featured; the USCIS 96 questions resources will be consolidated into one sidebar group. We will also test all links. Suggestions or concerns? Email Thanks!

Summary of the US Constitution
The Preamble Puzzle
US Constitution Slide Show
USCIS 96/100 Quiz: The Constitution
USCIS 96:17-19 Handout
USCIS 96:17-19 Podcast
USCIS 96:34-35 Handout
USCIS 96:34-35 Podcast

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