Friday, July 11, 2008

Simple English News: UNUSUAL NEWS

**Happy Birthday, Dad!
**Good Luck on your interview, Mr & Mrs Nakrani!

My students enjoy the short and sweet stories from Sam Margolis' Simple English News, but they particularly enjoy Simple English News: UNUSUAL NEWS stories. Here are some funny stories keyed to the N-400 sections. Click the evoca widget to listen to an audio clip of the story.

N-400 Part 1 Name: A Baby Whose Name is 185 Letters Long

N-400 Part 2 & 3 Eligibility& Birth: A Lucky Baby

N-400 Part 4 Addresses & Phone: Living in a Motel

N-400 Part 5 Physical Appearance: Hemingway Lookalikes

N-400 Part 6 Residence & Job: The Virtuoso Janitor

N-400 Part 7 Travel: This Doesn't Look Like Greece

N-400 Part 8 Marital History: A 7-year Marriage Limit

N-400 Part 9 Children: A Woman Gave Birth to Her Grandchildren

N-400 Part 10 Additional Questions

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