Monday, July 23, 2007

Reminder: New Fees Begin July 30, 2007!

New Fees

Today we will listen to a reminder about the new USCIS fees starting July 30, 2007.

Here's a Class Handout: Summary of the New Fees.

Here is another Class Handout: "Sending Your N-400 to USCIS".

Please note that there are four pages: one page for each USCIS Service Center in California, Texas, Nebraska, and Vermont.

Please confirm that you are using the correct page for your state.

Originally, I put the information for all four USCIS Service Centers and their assigned states on a single sheet of paper.

When I gave the single sheet of paper to my students, they became confused.

The print was too tiny and there was too much information.

I re-formatted the information and printed the Summary of the New Fees on the first side and Sending Your N-400 to USCIS on the second side.

I printed the information on color paper so they can find this paper quickly and easily.  Many students took extra copies home for their family and friends.

Also, please check out the new online video from USCIS "Promise of Freedom"--a twelve minute video presentation on American civics and history. Watch the video online or get the direct download of Promise of Freedom.

Finally, The Pilot Questions have been revised!  There are now 142 questions.  Questions have been marked for Senior Citizens older that 65 and have been legal permanent residents for more than 20 years.

You can get the reformated USCIS 142 here.

You can get the reformated USCIS 142 for Senior Citizens here.

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