Sunday, July 8, 2007

New USCIS Video and Online Resources for ESL/Citizeship Students

New USCIS Resources:

***A Promise of Freedom***
A twelve minute video presentation on American civics and history. Watch the video online or get the direct download of Promise of Freedom.

USCIS Questions and Answers for New Pilot Naturalization Test

USCIS Pilot Naturalization Test: Vocabulary List for the Reading Test

Pilot Naturalization Test: Vocabulary List for the Writing Test

Online Resources for ESL/Citizenship Students (mostly Audio)

a4esl: English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcasts
These are the 20 newest podcasts for ESL learners.

Dave's ESL Cafe: Today in History (text only) California (more states--soon!) (text only)

EnglishBaby's Daily English Page

English Club: Basic Question Types (text only)

English Club: WH Question Words (text only)

ESL-Lab: Culture Shock

ESL-Lab: Dates

ESL-Lab: Greetings and Introductions

ESL-Lab: Where are you from?

ESL Podcast 246 – Understanding Addresses

Manythings: Daily English Page

Multi-Cultural Educational Services: LaRue Listening Quizzes
Multiple choice tests of answers to common questions. (variety of accents)

Train Your Accent: Job Hunting

VOANews: How America Works
This series explains the role of civil society at the local level, using Montgomery County, Maryland as an example. Each segment in the How America Works series highlights an aspect of civil society and how it contributes to the collective good of the community.

VOA Special English: The Making of a Nation
Every Thursday, Special English broadcasts a fifteen-minute program in a series about American history.


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