Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Region

Worldwide Walls: POW! WOW! San Jose 2021 AIR: We Are Muwekma Ohlone 

"We Are Muwekma Ohlone" is the title of the mural.
They were once recognized but it got taken away back in the late 1920s.
Charlene Nijmeh, the current chairperson, 
she represents the present, 
and she's doing what she can to help get the tribe 
federally reinstated as a sovereign nation as a Muwekma Ohlone, 
an American Indian tribe recognized by the United States.
Ask the question.
Find out why you didn't know anything about the Ohlone people before.
Just learn.
I'm glad I painted this just to be like a talking point, 
like a starting point to to talk about that.
--Alfonso Salazar 

US Citizenship Podcast gratefully acknowledges Muwekma Ohlone people on whose ancestral land we reside, as well as the diverse Native communities who make their home here today.

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Region are seeking seeking federal recognition of their tribal status, which would give them the same benefits as other Native American tribes for housing, medical care, higher education and the ability to establish a land trust.  Sign a letter of support at

Check out Native Land ( to discover the Indigenous people, languages, and treaties associated with your local area.


  1. USCIS 100:59. Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived?
  2. USCIS 100:87. Name one American Indian tribe in the United States.

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