Sunday, June 5, 2022

American Pentecost: A Citizenship Quiz about Languages in America

American Pentecost: A Citizenship Quiz about Languages in America pdf

An American Pentecost:
We are American Indians, Native Alaskans, Europeans, Latinos, Africans, Arabs, Asians, Pacific Islanders-- yet all of us hear America speaking in our own languages about FREEDOM!

For more info about languages spoken in America:

Voting Rights Act Sect 203
Section 203 targets those language minorities that have suffered a history of exclusion from the political process: Spanish, Asian, Native American, and Alaskan Native. The Census Bureau identifies specific language groups for specific jurisdictions.
Section 203 says that jurisdictions (cities, counties, states) shall provide election materials in the language of the applicable minority group as well as in the English language.
  • DOJ: MINORITY LANGUAGE CITIZENS: Section 203 of the voting Rights Act pdf
  • US Census: 2020 Presidential Election Voting and Registration Tables (2020) pdf
  • GPO: Federal Registrar: Voting Rights Act Amendments of 2016, Determinations Under Section 203 pdf

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