Monday, October 5, 2020

Get Organized for your U.S. Citizenship Interview

uscitizenpod: Get Organized for your U.S. Citizenship Interview

Teacher Patricia Hernandez and Teacher Jennifer Gagliardi talk about getting organized for your U.S. Citizenship Interview.  These tips are for everyone, especially those hose eligibility is based on marriage to a U.S. citizen.  We also talk about recent immigration news,  encourage everyone to complete their Census, and advocate for alternative funding for USCIS.  UPDATED VISA INFO IN SHOW NOTES/DESCRIPTIONS/COMMENTS! video / mp3


USCIS responds to a judge's order to stop the increase of the citizenship fee from $725 to $1170 on October 2.  CNN reported Tuesday night that a Federal judge blocked attempt to hike naturalization fees by 80%. The fee hike was supposed to go up on Oct.2. See the details at link

USCIS Response to Preliminary Injunction of Fee Rule link

Judge Blocks Trump’s Ban on Foreign Workers link 

Trump Virtually Cuts Off Refugees as He Unleashes a Tirade on Immigrant link

NPR: Hansi Lo Wang: a national correspondent for NPR based in New York City. He reports on the people, power and money behind the 2020 census. link


October Visa Bulletin link

Adjustment of Status Filing Charts from the Visa Bulletin link

Visa Appointment Wait Times link

Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions link

Immigration Nerds Podcast: October Visa Bulletin: Significant Changes for #Indian and #Chinese Nationals podcast

Erickson Immigration Group's Managing Director, Hiba Anver joins.  Skilled Indian workers make up roughly 75% of the employment-based green card backlog, a category that only accepts up to 7% of applicants from each country. Today, the number of total green cards issued each year is limited to 140,000. There's currently over 700,000 Indian workers waiting in a line now that is likely to stretch for decades. This discussion addresses how Octobers bulletin may effect this particular cohort, and others like them.

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