Saturday, September 29, 2018

What's Ahead for US Supreme Court as It Starts New Term

VOANews: What's Ahead for US Supreme Court as It Starts New Term

With Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hanging in the balance, bench with eight ideologically divided justices readies to take on big cases.

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VOA Learning English: 8 Important Supreme Court Cases (all articles, videos, and audio here)
  1. Lemon v Kurtzman (separation between church and state) article
  2. Loving v Virginia (marriage between people of two different races) article
  3. Miranda v Arizona (rights of people under arrest) article
  4. New York Times v. Sullivan (freedom of the press/libel) article
  5. Brown v. Board of Education (school desegregation) article
  6. Obergefell v Hodges (gay rights) article
  7. Johnson v Texas (freedom of speech/burning the flag) article
  8. Roe v Wade (right to privacy/abortion) article
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