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Deborah Parker (Tulalip) and the Violence Against Women Act (2013)

uscitizenpod: Deborah Parker (Tulalip) and the Violence Against Women Act (2013)

November is Native American Heritage Month. November 25 begins the 16 Days of Activism against the Gender-Based Violence

In 2012, Congress was debating the re-authorization of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. Some Congress members wanted to limit whom the law protected. Others wanted to expand the VAWA, but had problems finding popular support.

In late April 2012, Deborah Parker, Vice Chairwoman of the Tulalip Tribe, came to Washington D.C. for a meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency. While in Washington DC, Deborah Parker was invited by her state Senator, Patty Murray (WA), to make a public statement supporting the VAWA. Deborah Parker did more than that; for the first time, in public, she shared her own story of sexual assault and ongoing sexual violence against tribal women. Her story galvanized Senate support.

In 2013, Congress re-authorized the Violence Against Women Act. The act expanded federal protections to Native Americans, immigrants, and the lgbtq community. A key provision of the VAWA strengthened the protection of Native Women. Tribes can now prosecute non-Native Americans who commit crimes on tribal lands.

What is the “rule of law”?

  • Everyone must follow the law.
  • Leaders must obey the law.
  • Government must obey the law.
  • No one is above the law.

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