Friday, October 28, 2016

The Electoral College

NEW: Electoral College Citizenship Quizzes

mp3s posted 2016-12-22!

U.S. Map of Electoral College Votes in 2016
Mixed Media (updated 2016-12-20)

270toWin: 2016 Presidential Election Map  (interactive) The U.S. Electoral College (home page)

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
This K-12 website requires membership to access multi-level lesson plans about the Electoral College and much, much more!

HandsOnEnglish: What is the Electoral College? (article)

iCivics: The Electoral Process (lesson plan, resources)

NPR: How Does The Electoral College Work, And Is It Fair?

Simple English Wiki: The Electoral College

VOA Learning English: How America Elects Its President 
Electoral map plus article, audio, and video

VOA Learning English: Voters in Just a Few States Will Decide US Presidential Election
Article, audio, and vocabulary list

VOA Learning English: Electoral College Meets on Monday to Choose US President

VOA Learning English: Twitter Users Appeal to US Electoral College

VOA News: US President Chosen by Electors, Not Popular Vote (video)

VOA News: Confusing US Electoral Process Continues to Raise Questions (video)

VOA New: US Electoral College Vote Officially Confirms Trump's Presidential Victory (multi-media)

VOA News: US Electoral College Casts Presidential Votes (video)


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