Tuesday, November 25, 2014

US Citizenship Study Booklet - Q86 to Q100 - EZ Civics Lessons

ListenAndReadAlong: US Citizenship Study Booklet - Q86 to Q100 - EZ Civics Lessons http://youtu.be/jzvMccEmeWk

This is a continuation of the US Citizenship Booklet 2014: Learn about the United States.

The Civics Test.
This rovie concludes American History: Part B: 1800s and start of Part C: 1900s.. and includes


An understanding of America’s geography, symbols, and holidays is important. They provide background and more meaning to historical events and other landmark moments in U.S. history. The following section offers short lessons on our country’s geography, national symbols, and national holidays. The geography of the United States is unusual because of the size of the country and the fact that it is bordered by two oceans that create natural boundaries to the east and west. Through visual symbols such as our flag and the Statue of Liberty, the values and history of the United States are often expressed. Finally, you will also learn about our national holidays and why we celebrate them. Most of our holidays honor people who have contributed to our history and to the development of our nation. By learning this information, you will develop a deeper understanding of
the United States and its geographical boundaries, principles, and freedoms.

Parts A(Geography), B(Symbols) and C(holidays)
This concludes the Civics Portion of the Booklet

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