Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

USCitizenPod: N-400 Part 6: Residence and Employment History

USCitizendPod: N-400 Part 6: Employment History (only)

USCitizenPod: Listen: Labor Day Special from US Citizenship Podcast
USCitizenPod: Read: 
Mr and Mrs Hsun's Labor Day pdf

US Department of Labor: Labor Day

Who was the real Rosie the Riveter? Who is the real "father" of Labor Day? Get your questions answered here. Labor Day
Resources from many websites about Labor Day—the first Monday in September—which celebrates the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of America. Labor Day

Labor Day is on the first Monday in September. It is an American holiday to honor working people.

VOANews: In US, a Labor Day Short of Celebration

Americans welcome Labor Day with high unemployment, fears of new recession

VOANews: US Companies, Labor Unions Struggle Over Politics Profits, Wages
Relations between workers and employers have been contentious in the United States this year

VOANews: 'Radium Girls' Remembered for Role in Shaping US Labor Law
Case of women who painted clock faces in small town in Midwest state of Illinois helped raise awareness to dangers of radium

VOAVideo: Unions See Wages Fall
Labor Day in the United States is a time to honor the contribution of workers. Recently, workers in the U.S. have fallen on tough times. Unemployment is high, while wages and benefits continue to decline -- along with the ranks of organized labor. With the presidential campaign in full swing, both candidates are claiming they can do what's best for the American worker. On this Labor Day, we take a look at the relationship between union membership and wages in the U.S. Jeff Swicord reports.

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