Saturday, October 10, 2009

American Samoa: Recovery Underway

VOAVideo: American Samoa: Recovery Underway

Recovery efforts are underway in American Samoa, which was struck last week by a major earthquake and tsunami, along with the nearby nations of Samoa and Tonga. 177 people are confirmed dead in the three island groups. Mike O'Sullivan reports from American Samoa that life is returning to normal for many survivors, but they face a massive cleanup.

USPS American Samoa flag stamp
The flag is blue with a red-edged white triangle.
Inside the white triangle is an American bald eagle
clutching traditional Samoan symbols: a war club and a staff.
Snapshot art depicts palm trees and mountains.

News English Lessons: More Earthquakes After Samoa Tsunami (October 2, 2009)

VOANews: Special Report about the Natural Disasters in the Pacific (many stories)
Undersea earthquakes recently have been strong in the South Pacific, rocking the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the islands of Samoa, and elsewhere. A tsunami developed on 29 September, hitting both Samoa and American Samoa, causing death and extensive damage. Hundreds of casualties are also reported in Indonesia from the earthquakes. Additionally, the Philippines has been struck by Typhoon Parma. VOA is covering the events, including rescue, relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts.


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