Sunday, July 26, 2009

San Jose's Founders Day Fandango!

  1. What is the capital of California?Align Center
  2. What was the first capital of California?

answer 1. Sacramento; 2. San Jose

San Jose's was founded on November 29, 1777. On July 1778, the land was granted to the settlers by King of Spain. The people of San Jose celebrate two birthdays: a city government ceremony in Novenmber, and an outdoor fiesta in July.

This year, San Jose's Founders Day Fandango is on July 26, 12 noon to 6pm at the Peralta Pueblo and Fallon House. San Jose citizens will have a fun time with Mexican dancing, music and crafts, all for free.

Peralta Adobe
The Peralta Adobe is San José’s oldest address. Built in 1797, the Peralta Adobe is the last remaining structure from El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe. See the Adobe’s horno, an outside working oven or venture inside the home and see two rooms furnished as they might have been when they were occupied by the Gonzales and Peralta families.

Fallon House
The exquisite Fallon House was built in 1855 by one of San José’s earliest mayors. The Victorian mansion showcases 15 fully furnished rooms typical of the Victorian period. Learn about Thomas Fallon, a frontiersman in the John C. Fremont expedition, and Carmel Fallon, the daughter of one of the most prominent Mexican landowners in California.

Peralta Adobe & Fallon House
175 West Saint John Street
San José, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 993-8300Fax: (408) 993-8088

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