Monday, May 18, 2009

May 19th CA Special Election

Gov. Schwarzenegger talking to the Commonwealth Club
about Proposition 1A

On Tuesday, May 19th, the voters in California will vote on a series of propostions aimed at resolving the current budget crisis.

Voter Information Guide for the May 19th Special Election

Descriptions of the Propositions in English

  • Proposition 1A: Stabilizes State Budget. Reforms California Budget Process. Limits State Spending. Increases “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund.

  • Proposition 1B: Education Funding and Payment Plan.

  • Proposition 1C: Lottery Modernization Act.

  • Proposition 1D: Protects Children’s Services Funding. Helps Balance State Budget.

  • Proposition 1E: Ensures Funding for Children’s Mental Health Services. Helps Balance State Budget.

  • Proposition 1F: Elected Officials’ Salaries. Prevents Pay Increases During Budget Deficit Years.

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