Monday, January 12, 2009

ESLPod: Introduction to the United States

Special Announcement: Introduction to the United States Course Now Available (updated 01/15/09)'s newest course, Introduction to the United States, is now available in the ESL Podcast Store! Download Sample Podcast

ESLPod: “Introduction to the United States” is a new, 4-part course that answers your questions about the United States in a new and exciting way. This course uses some of the 100 questions from U.S. naturalization test, the test that people take to become a citizen of the United States. It focuses on how the U.S. was formed and how it works, who the important people are in its history and in the current government, and the different parts of this very big and diverse country. Each part contains:

1. MP3 Audio Files for 25 Questions
2. Learning Guide: This is a written guide with
  • A full transcript of every word from every question, answer, and explanation
  • Glossaries with definitions
  • Sample sentences

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