Monday, June 4, 2007

Q12-13: USCIS 96 Questions 12-13: President, George Washington, George W. Bush

USCIS 96 Questions 12-13

Today we will listen to Questions 12-13 plus M-638 comments. You can download the Class Handout Q12-13 to deepen your knowledge of US History and Politics and broaden your English language skills. Look for new vocabulary, grammar structures, and idioms.

Note the key words--these words will help you remember the questions and answers. The key words for Q12-13:

George Washington
George W. Bush

You can get more info about Presidents from

EL/Civics: George Washington
Wikipedia: President
The White House: Presidents

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tinkerbellchime said...

Greetings! Thank you for including my website as a resource. Your podcasts and worksheets are wonderful. Very high quality material. I know how much work it is to produce material like this. I'll be back to visit and comment often.

Christina Niven