Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Interview-01: Intro to the N400 and the Basic Citizenship Interview


Today we will listen to our first practice interview. The interview questions are based on the USCIS N-400 form, which you can download from www.uscis.gov.

On the top of the page, you will see six choices: Services & Benefits, Immigration Forms, Laws & Regulations, About USCIS, Education & Resources, and Press Room. Choose Immigration Forms.

A new page of USCIS forms will appear, organized alpha-numerically. Immigration forms begin with I, and they will appear first. Naturalization forms begin with N, appear after the Immigration forms. Scroll almost to the bottom of the page for the N-400, Application of Naturalization. Click the link and you will be brought to a new page which gives a summary pdf the N-400. At the bottom of the page there are two documents (or pdfs) which you can download. The first pdf are the instructions to fillout the application and the second pdf is the N-400.

You can also find a copy of the U.S. History and Government Questions and Answers at the USCIS website. From the USCIS home page select Education & Resources, then Civics and Citizenship Study Materials. You can find copies of the questions in English, Spanish, and Chinese, as well as other study materials.

If you need a translation of the questions in other languages besides English, Spanish, and Chinese, do a search of the USCIS document M-476. A M-476 is a Guide to Naturalization. The questions appear in the last 6 pages of the M-476.

You can also find a pdf of the questions that I can ask during this interview at http://uscitizenpod.blogspot.com. Look under the Documents category for Basic Citizenship Interview. You can listen to the interview with or without the N-400 or Basic Citizenship Interview. More importantly, you can give the N-400 or the Basic Citizenship Interview to your friends your or family and practice answering the questions. Remember, during the USCIS interview, the USCIS examiner has yout N-400 but you are the star witness fro your own case.

Thanks to Mae Chen and the students and staff of Milpitas Adult Education School.

The N-400 and U.S. History and Government Questions and Answers are available at the USCIS website www.uscis.gov.

This podcast is copyrighted by Jennifer Gagliardi and Milpitas Adult Education School. This podcast can used for educational or personal use only and may not be resold or used for any commercial purposes. Thanks for listening.


Happy Clams said...

Yay! Teacher Jennifer rocks the house. I'm using Firefox and the podcast opened in Quicktime, no problem.

Branka said...

Great job Jennifer and Lola,

I am sure our ESL learners will be better prepared for that very important time in their life after they have attended Jennifer's class and frequented this blog.

Way to go!

anthonyburik said...

I attended your CATESOL presentation. Thanks for all the great info. When I opened your podcast today, it took a long time on my computer, so you may want to warn people that, depending on the computer they are using, they may have to wait a few minutes before the podcast begins. Or maybe let people know what applications they need ahead of time so that the podcast will start right away?
Thanks again.
Anthony Burik
Mt. Diablo Adult Education