Resources about Voting and Elections for AdultEdu, ESL, and Citizenship Students

updated 11/04/2022


Participants will identify the latest civics and online voting and 2022 Midterm Election resources appropriate for ELL, ABE, and Citizenship adult learners in the form of mobile apps, videos, podcasts, websites, activities, and more. By adapting and incorporating these digital resources, participants will be able to deliver relevant content about voting in online, blended, distance, or directed self-study learning environments. 

Presenter: Jennifer Gagliardi PDF of resources


uscitizenpod: Voting Matters!
A Quick Interview Based on the N-400r plus 10qs about Voting and Elections featuring Yesica Sanchez (Oaxaca, Mexico).  Download the pdf.

This is a quick interview focusing N-400 Part 12 voting and paying taxes question plus 15 more civics questions and a quick discussion how federal and state documents--taxes, social security number, voter registration, and driver's license--work together.

30 + videos about the 2022 U.S. Midterm Elections for Citizenship, ESL, and Adult Ed students curated by uscitizenpod from VOA News, Now This News, and more!

Resources about Voting and Elections for AdultEdu, ESL, and Citizenship Students

American English at State
·        About the USA: Duties of a Citizen pg 121-127
·        Election Vocabulary graphics (Facebook Album)

Center for Civic Education
·        The Constitution Explained (Sept. 2022)
·        The Constitution Explained video playlist on YouTube)
·        60 Seconds Civics Podcast (Search for voting or elections episodes)
·        Voting Lessons

EL Civics
·        Voting Amendments

ESL Discussions
·        Voting (20 discussion questions)

ESL Fast
·        Voting (17 conversations)

elli (formerly ESL Library) (Requires subscription).
·        Americans Celebrate 2020 Election Results
·        American Presidents
·        Election Day (U.S)
·        Fears of Post-Election Violence
·        Siege at the Capitol

ESL Podcast: (Excellent resource for Advanced students. Requires subscription.)
·        Government + Law 
o   ESL Podcast 733–Voting in an Election
o   ESL Podcast 825–Political Advertising

ESOL Courses
·        Electing an American President (Intermediate level)

First Literacy
·        Elections and Civic Preparation  (2016)
·        Community Engagement Lesson Plan
·        Change Agent Voting (2008)
·        Know the Candidates
·        Simplified Republican or Democrat Quiz
·        How Do We Elect the President?

iCivics (K12—adapt for AE)
·        Cast Your Vote game
·        Constitution Day activities
·        The Constitution Explained videos | assignable videos | videos on YouTube | transcripts
·        Election Headquarters (includes 2022 midterms)
·        Teaching About the Midterm Elections (2018)
·        Voting Lesson Plans (includes customizable slide decks)
·        Voting (search for more voting and election Kahoots)

Learning for Justice (K12—adapt for AE)
·        Teach this: The Voting Rights Act
·        The True History of Voting Rights
·        The Truth about Voting
·        Uplifting the Student Vote
·        Voting and Elections: Resources for a Civil Classroom

·        Elections & Voting Lesson Plan

Listen A Minute
·        Voting

National Constitution Center
·        Constitution 101: Voting Rights

Newsela (K12—adapt for AE! Subscription Required)
·        Election Tool Kit (2020 and beyond)
·        How the 2020 census shifted House seats and could affect 2022 midterm elections
·        Topic: Voting: Rights, Obstacles, Learning for Justice
·        The Role of the Media in Elections Lesson Plan
·        Preparing for the Oath: Voting video playlist

Teachers Pay Teachers
·        Voting and Elections Resources for Adult Education

TED-ED (K12—adapt for AE. Check video description for links to the lesson plans)
·        Elections in the United States (video playlist)
The Change Agent Magazine (Subscription required)
·        Stand Up Be Counted Issue 50: Stand Up and Be Counted  (March 2020)

this i believe
·        Democracy (many essays with audio about voting)

US Citizenship Podcast
·        Election ABCs google slides / video
·        Electoral College Citizenship Quizzes
o   Part 1: U.S. Civics mp3 / pdf |  Part 2: U.S. History mp3 / pdf
·        A Quick Interview Based on the N-400r plus 10qs about Voting and Elections pdf and mp3
·        American Women who Fought for the Right to Vote  pdf
·        Interview E-1: Residence and Voting plus Quiz 15: Civil Rights (updated)

·        Rights and Responsibilities – Intermediate Level Lesson Plan and Handouts
·        Your Government and You – Beginning Level Lesson Plan and Handouts

Voice of America
·        VOA Learning English:  American Presidents (text, video, quiz)
·        VOA Learning English: American Presidents (video playlist)
·        VOA News: 2022 Election (video playlist)
·        VOA News: 2020 USA Votes: Explainers (video playlist)
·        VOA News Explainer: What Are Midterm Elections? (video)
·        VOA News Special Projects: Women's suffrage at 100

We Speak NYC
·        Shola’s Choice (Ranked-Choice Voting) video

Your Election Pal
·        Elections and Voting Lesson Plan
More Election Resources
·        ACLU Voting Rights
·        ActiVote / MyActiVote Constitution Day 2022 | Questions
·        American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) Rev Up Voting Campaign
·        Arab American Institute: Voting Rights (and Yalla Vote)
·        Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Vote
·        Asian American Advancing Justice: 2022 Voting Checklist
·        Annenberg Classroom
·        Ballotpedia  List of secretaries of state of the American states
·        Bill of Rights Institute
·        CA Secretary of State Election Info (check your state’s Secretary of State website)
·        Center for Common Ground Postcarding
· Resilience Graphic Novels: Real Fake (misinformation about elections)
·        Common Cause Education Fund
·        Constitutional Rights Foundation
· Language Minority Citizens: Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act
·        Easy Voter Guide
·        Fair Vote
·        League of Women Voters
·        US Election Assistance Commission
·        Vote 411
·        Vote Smart (info on candidates and officials’ positions based on Political Courage Test)
·        Voter Participation Center
·        Vote Riders  (voter ID laws)
·        Voting Rights Alliance
·        Voting Rights Lab
·        Voto Latino
·        U.S Vote Foundation (blog focus: voting and disabilities)
·        US Election Map Collection

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