Saturday, April 24, 2010

USCitizenPod @ CATESOL

I will be presenting The US Citizenship Interview Featuring the New "100 Questions" at CATESOL 2:30-3:15 p.m. Great America Meeting Room 1

A review of the latest resources and strategies for teaching language skills and content knowledge needed to successfully pass the US Citizenship interview. Presentation will also include a quick discussion about the use of CASAS tests and EL Civic Objectives in support of the US Citizenship Interview process. Come by & say hello!

Some of the slides were "re-arranged" when I uploaded my .ppt to Google Docs (DUH!) Here is the corrected ppt. Any questions or comments: email me at Thanks!


Cesar Domico said...

Great, here is other tool at Hope you like it!

Unknown said...

Jennifer -

This is a wonderful powerpoint!

What are your feelings about others using this or any of your blog resources for educational purposes?

A dedicated reader

US Citizenship Podcast said...

Thank you for asking about the powerpoint. Please share it with others. I may update some of the video links to oint simply to the video page (because of USCIS dynamic addressing, some of the links may change). But I hope teachers and students use and share this powerpoint.

I really enjoy working on the blog and podcast and am always happy to receive comments. The resources are free to use for educational purposes only and cannot be sold or resold.

I deeply appreciate your comments. Thanks! Jennifer