Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Q48-49: USCIS 96 Questions 48-49: Supreme Court, Justices

USCIS 96 Questions 48-49

Today we will listen to Questions 48-49 plus M-638 comments. You can download the Class Handout 48-49 to deepen your knowledge of US History and Politics and broaden your English language skills. Look for new vocabulary, grammar structures, and idioms.

Note the key words--these words will help you remember the questions and answers. The key words for 46-47:

Supreme Court
Dictation Sentences


The Constitution is the supreme law of our land.
He wanted to find a job.


LB said...

Hi Podcast Master - I am using your materials. My class is enjoying them and so am I. I really need the handouts 44-49 to be posted ASAP! I think these are done, but no links are up.

I know your haven't completed the whole set and it's changing so I will have to use another source, but I'd love to use at least up to 49! Thanks very much!

Myless said...

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