Saturday, November 3, 2007

USCitizenPod Goes Wiki!

USCitzenPod has a new wikipage dedicated to keeping track of all the links mentioned in the blog and class handouts. Check out:

Students who want to bridge the gap between Citizenship preparation and "real life" can listen to podcasts that "talk" about N-400 topics: personal information, addresses, jobs, marital status, etc. Each N-400 section has a link to podcasts from:


Randall's ESL-Lab



VOANews Special English



Branka Marceta said...

Thank you for collecting these great resources.

ESLBruce said...

Great job of integrating web resources. I just had a student ask me for a citizenship link on my ESLCapital site and I put yours there this morning.

tinkerbellchime said...

Nice wiki. It looks great and it's well organized. I'll pass the word around.

Myless said...

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